Bichon Frise
This breed is gentle, playful, and affectionate.  They get along well with children and other animals.  This is an ideal dog for city or apartment living, young or elderly.  They are non-shedding & hypoallergenic (good for people with allergies) with a double coat and are white but can have shades of cream on ears and head.
Weight:  10 - 16 lbs Height:  9 - 12" Life Span:  12 - 15 years
Miniature Dachshund
This breed is clever, playful, and curious.  They love to be included in all family activities.  They come in long, short, or wire hair coats.  All colors are seen.
Weight:  9 - 15 lbs Height:  5 - 9" Life Span:  10 - 12 years
Shih Tzu
This breed is outgoing, happy, and affectionate companions.  They love children and other animals.  These small lap dogs are well suited to apartment or country living.  Shih Tzus have a luxurious double coat that is long and flowing.  All color and markings are seen.
Weight:  9 - 16 lbs Height:  8 - 11" Life Span:  12 - 14 years
This breed is the smallest of all dog breeds.  Because of their tiny size they usually are not a good choice for households with young children.  They are on the other hand ideal companions for older children and adults.  Chihuahuas come in long or short haired.  All colors are seen.
Weight:  2 - 6 lbs Height:  6 - 9" Life Span:  12 - 15 years
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
This breed is the most sedate of all terriers.  Wheatens are eager to please and very intelligent.  They get along with children and other animals.  They are a non-shedding dog.  The adults have a soft wheat colored coat.  Pups are born with a chocolate coat and black markings.
Weight:  30 - 40 lbs Height:  17 - 19" Life Span:  13 - 15 years

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