Shipping Information

Shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer.  Shipping cost can vary depending on the area.  We reserve the right to not ship any puppy that we feel is not ready.  Other causes of delay would be weather, acts of nature and family emergencies.  We make every effort to ship all puppies on schedule. After you purchase a puppy we will call the airline for a price on shipping and inform you of the cost.  We, the seller, provide an airline carrier for your puppy.  Sample bags of the food that we are feeding the puppy are also included.  You may also pick up your puppy at our home. Visitors are always welcome. Contact us for details.
Puppies and shipping cost (if required) need to be paid for in full before delivery.

Michael, Bev, Angela, Steven, Danielle & Samantha
Phone:  712-725-2738   Email:  Sellers 

We are USDA licensed.  All our puppies are either AKC or APR registered.